Word Counter

We live in an era where words count, regardless of whether you're a professional writer or just another Internet rambler.

Social media limit characters, long document requirements in corporate settings: If you have been writing words, you must be aware that text counts are part of your daily life.

    •    Twitter used to limit us at 140 characters. But, later, they increased it to 280 characters.
    •    Facebook won't allow you to post any longer than 63.206 characters, or let you comment with more than 8,000 characters.
    •    What about Instagram's limit of 30 hashtags? After 125 characters, the limit of 2,200 characters allowed in Instagram captions will be reduced to just 125.
    •    Even more, we hear that blog posts must not exceed 1800 words to be considered for first page Google ranking.

See? We are entering the era of character count limits!

It is important to stay on topic and ensure that your content remains within the limitations of these platforms. This will prevent you from accidentally changing or increasing your word count in order to meet certain requirements.

You will need a text counter to make this happen.

A word calculator can do more than help you count the characters in your social media posts.


First, let's clarify why you need an online Word Counter Tool. Next, you can manually count the characters in your content. You will quickly realize the difficulty of this exercise, if you don't mind being frustrating.

A tool like ours is much more efficient than spending precious time attempting to count a long document.

Our online word finder and counter, Count Number Of Words with Small SEO Tools. It's a smart word count calculator that delivers results in a blink of an eye.


Word Finder is a tool that we have created to assist you in finding and calculating characters within your written content.

It can tell you how long or how short your content is.

You can trust our tool to assist you with content-related projects.


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