Remove Line Breaks

This tool can be used to remove line breaks from text blocks but it will preserve paragraph breaks.

This tool is very useful if you have ever received text in a narrow column with broken line breaks at each end, such as text from an email, copy and pasted text from PDF columns with spacing, word wrap, or line break problems.

You can also remove all line breaks and preserve paragraph breaks (mostly double line breaks).

This tool is much more efficient than spending hours manually removing line breaks. This tool is great if you are trying to paste content from a PDF that has a strange text format, where the line breaks and word wraps are causing problems.

If you have the opposite problem, I also offer an online tool that will automatically add line breaks to correct text blocks.

If you need to remove any line breaks in the text, just use the link-breaking tool.

The source can be taken from any source, including an Instagram post, a PDF column, or an email. This tool will remove any unnecessary line breaks from all your content.

This online tool allows you to remove all line breaks in a text. This online tool supports all the known newline characters, such as the one used by Windows (CRLF) or the line break codes in Linux and Mac OS (CR/LF). The tool allows you to replace line breaks with the text of your choosing, rather than just removing them completely. You can replace the line breaks with a space, semicolon or comma.


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